“I’ve been using Lazu Health & Wellbeing for over a month now and have already noticed a real difference. It’s no gimmicky ‘overnight miracle formula’. It’s helped to boost my overall energy levels and keep my immune system at the top of its game. With the change in season I’m usually out of action with a cold or flu before long but no this year! It’s super easy to drink with half a glass of water or milk and only has a very subtle taste. It’s great to know that I’m starting the day off in the right way with Lazu”


我一直在服用Lazu保健品一个多月,已经注意到了真正的变化。 这绝不是“一夜神奇配方粉”的噱头。它帮助提高我的整体体能水平,并将我的免疫系统保持在高端。 随着季节的变化,之前我通常会很快感冒或患感流,但今年没有! 每天早上喝半杯非常微妙的味道LAZU配方粉超级容易。 很高兴我以正确的方式与拉祖一起开始每一天。