A year ago, I began to have problem with my stomach and gut, had loose bowels several times a day. I was very weak and no energy. I saw the doctors and went to the hospital in Hong Kong and the mainland of China, did many different test, or gastroscopy, colonoscopy, but they didn’t find any problems. I took western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine a lot, although the number of times of daily diarrhea decreased, but did not improve fundamentally. A friend sent me a can of LAZU from New Zealand. To insist on drinking every morning for three days, the number of diarrhea has decreased, I suspected that LAZU is right for me. My friend helped me to contact with HEALTHY START (NZ) Ltd., and their suggestion was to continue drinking LAZU. I was very skeptical, but I thought manuka honey and the colostrum are all natural substance, not the chemicals, so stick to it.

From the 10th day, there was no diarrhea , had a bowel movement once per day. After finishing the tin, I feel full of the energy and physical strength. I have stopped taking medicine pill and traditional Chinese medicine herb, and only take LAZU manuka honey colostrum health formula.

My health again is better than anything. I have bought three more cans and kept drinking. The experience was very special. I also recommend to my friend, I hope all the people who have the same symptoms will try it, and my own experience believes that LAZU will not disappoint you.

Zhengwu Yanjia

一年前,我開始有腸胃唔舒服,每天拉稀,身體虛弱,無精神,在香港和内地去醫院做了胃鏡、腸鏡檢查多次,都無發現問題。西藥,中藥喫了不少,雖然每天拉稀的次數減少了,但沒有根本好轉。朋友從紐西蘭寄給我一罐LAZU,讓我試一試。堅持每天早上喝,開始3天,拉稀次數還增加了,很疑心,朋友幫忙直接聯係新西蘭公司HEALTHY START (NZ) Ltd. 他們的建議是繼續飲用。我心裏好懷疑,但念麥盧卡蜂蜜和牛初乳都是天然的東西,唔是化學藥物,就堅持試一試吧。從第10天開始,大便就一天一次了,到兩周的時候,大便不稀了,有形狀了。一罐喫完以後,覺得精力、體力好好多。我已經停止了西藥,中藥,只服用LAZU麥盧卡蜂蜜牛初乳配方粉。恢復了健康,比什麽都開心。我已經又買了兩罐,繼續飲用。這次經歷太不一般。我也推薦給了我的朋友,希望所有跟我有一樣症状的人也試一試,我的親身體驗相信LAZU唔會叫你哋失望。



Chuang Sha Wan, Hong Kong