I am 60 years old and suffered insomnia for several years. I started to get diarrhea twice a day from last August, no energy and I felt tired even just vacuuming. After seeing a traditional Chinese doctor, he said I got spleen deficiency. and Chinese medicine did not help me actually . In April, I started to take LAZU, two weeks after the bowels are normal. After three weeks, I can sleep all night, even if I go to the bathroom in the midnight, and then I can fall asleep again easily. It’s not just these benefits I got.

I work part-time in the kindergarten, in winter, flu virus infect through the air, children and teachers got cold or flu frequently. I didn’t have been infected in this winter season, which means I was not infected with the virus,my immunity has been improved. Because there are other part-time jobs, I only sleep about 6 hours every day, but I don’t feel tired because of the high quality of sleeping. I am energetic, health and wellness, and everyone around me says I look much younger than my age. I can work hard, enjoy holidays and have a high quality of life.

I have been drinking LAZU every morning for more than half of year. I really feel the benefits that it brings to me. This is what I need. I will continue to take it and keep healthy. I like the first sentence of their company’s advertising: “health is a kind of freedom… It is the first in all freedom.”

Lily, Wellington, New Zealand