There are two different types of changes that occur in the skin:
  • -Changes in the skin resulting from the passage of time alone are called chronological ageing.
  • -Changes in the skin resulting from chronic sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) exposure, called photoageing. 

It is called photoageing because of a combination of short wavelength (UVB) injury to the outer layers of the skin (epidermis) and long wavelength (UVA) injury to the middle layers (dermis). This is primarily caused from the sun, but also from artificial tanning sources which change the normal skin structures. Dermatologists generally suggest that their patients avoid the expense and pain of anti-ageing treatments and take a prevention approach instead.

So, what do the experts recommend?

It is advised that women should use daily skincare products with an SPF30 sunscreen and take a Polypodium leucotomos extract. This extract has potential to counteract alterations to the skin via its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and photoprotective properties. The intake or topical application may be beneficial to skin health, in aging and cancer prevention or treatment.

Dermatologists today universally recommend to their patients that they take a daily supplement containing at least 180mg of Polypodium leucotomos to complement the skincare / topical sunscreen regime, which should include the application of a daily sunscreen of at least SPF30. This is the only proven method to keep skin looking youthful for longer.

But what happens if you already have signs of accelerated ageing? Then there are treatments available to reverse the effects of ageing. Still, after that, you need to keep using daily sunscreen and a daily supplement of at least 180mg of Polypodium leucotomos. 

The formula of LAZU Skin Protect blocks accelerated skin ageing and provides a more younger-looking skin. It is not an oral “sunscreen”. It is, however, a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to:

  • -Protect the DNA in skin cells,
  • -Protect the mitochondria in skin cells and,
  • -Prevent the breakdown of collagen (the structural protein within the skin).

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