I am a teacher, suffered the function of intestines and stomach problems for several years. Work is hard, but the body can’t keep up with, no appetite, was hard to fall asleep again after woke up in the midnight, always felt tired. Don’t want to do anything after returned home。No energy for housework and play with kids. Sometimes my son was naughty, I can’t control my temper. ….for me every day seems to be struggling. I had to try different ways to regulating my gut, took supplementing nutrients, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, protein powder, but not much improve.

A relative who lives in New Zealand as a Daigou, introduced the LAZU manuka honey & colostrum formula, never heard before, but I trust New Zealand’s products, bought two cans to try it out. Direct mail from New Zealand, received about three weeks later. According to the Chinese instructions forwarded by Daigou, I started to drink every morning. After a month, the real feeling comes to a clear change, eating well, sleeping well, energy and physical strength increased. After two months, I am like a new one, every day busy work, busy household chores, also play with my son, too. Go to the bathroom in the midnight, also check my son, back to the bed, can sleep again, it was incredible.

Then I think, the special characteristic of LAZU is using natural manuka honey to kill germs and bacteria that already in my gut and stomach,( not just balance flora), then as a healthy gut, it can correctly absorb the nutrients.

I would like to share my experiences with others. I hope everyone is healthy, no health no anything.